Beth’s Story

From: Rich

It was around 1989 and my wife and I were going from Mt. Dora, FL to Orlando on a day trip. We passed a state truck that was driving and spraying what I think was a herbicide on the side of 441. We stopped at a business in Orlando and she waited for me in the car. When I returned she complained of a noxious smell from an adjacent business. We also stopped at a fast food drive through where she ate a chicken sandwich that the kids thought tasted funny. In retrospect we think it may have been tainted with a pesticide or cleaning product.. In any case she became violently ill and we went to the emergency room, but we left without any treatment after over an hour of waiting when she felt at least good enough to get home.

As it turned out she was bedridden for over 6 months with a low-grade fever, nausea, intestinal problems, heart palpitations, night sweats, mental confusion, etc. We went to several doctors searching for help, but they were unable to provide any explanations or effective treatment. I truly believe she would have died if her condition had not improved.

One day on my way to work I stopped at the local health food store to get a sandwich. They were busy at the counter so I walked around the store. A bottle on the shelf caught my eye. It was activated charcoal. I bought that bottle and the miracle began. She started taking activated charcoal and gradually her condition began to improve. I think she had a toxin in her body that her liver was unable to breakdown. I believe the activated charcoal drew the toxin from her bloodstream into her intestines and then was excreted from her body.

This is not just conjecture as there is additional anecdotal evidence to support my theory. From time to time our next door neighbors would have their yard sprayed. She had no other evidence than the fact that she would feel her symptoms returning. After this happened we would notice the caution signs in our neighbors yard. There are some hotel rooms that start making her feel bad in a matter of minutes. There is a direct correlation for her because she can lesson or eliminate her symptoms by taking activated charcoal.

I think she was exposed to a chemical that her body was unable to process and it made her highly sensitive to chemicals in her environment. She seems to be sensitive to pesticides, cleaning solvents, formaldehyde, glues, etc. Over the years her sensitivity has lessoned, but the fact remains that she can improve her condition by taking activated charcoal from time to time.

One word of caution would be that using activated charcoal too often might remove necessary compounds from the body. So as always be cautious and consult with a professional.

Panic Attacks

From: Jason

I suddenly started having panic attacks several years back. I thought I was having a heart attack the first time… and pretty much every time after, even though I knew what it really was.

Fastforward several years. I have not had a panic attack for a couple of years now, and I have identified the following contributing causes to my panic attacks:

  • High-excitement video games
  • Bad nutrition
  • Over-exerting myself physically
  • Repetitive negative thoughts

Let’s look at each in turn.

High-excitement video games: Back then, I spent several hours each day playing high-action games like League of Legends, and other then-popular competitive games. I didn’t realize until much later that these games were making me jittery and raising my anxiety far beyond when the game was over. Over the years, I’ve also identified a few other activities that make me feel bad in a similar way as these games: movies and TV shows that have too much action, drama, or horror, and some virtual games (regardless of their apparent stress level), that are so immersive that my mind starts to feel disjoint from my own body.

Bad nutrition: I wasn’t eating regularly back then either. I would neglect to fix food until I was over-hungry, and the types of food I ate were not exactly healthy. I was already pretty thin, so this probably did bad things to my metabolism and body in general.

Over-exerting myself physically: I had just moved to a new town and was trying new sports and activities to integrate with the locals. I played tennis and rode bicycles a lot, often to the point of exhaustion.

Repetitive negative thoughts: I had already been grappling with bouts of depression, which is a form of repetitive negative thoughts, but I started to also have uncontrollable repetitive thoughts about physical health concerns. My attention would get so focused on something like my heart beat that I would start to worry about heart palpitations and monitor myself for them obsessively. I couldn’t stop thinking about these things despite my best efforts.

Coming up with solutions to the first three was easy: stop playing those games, spend more time and energy fixing good meals, don’t exert myself so much. The last one, however, posed more of a challenge. My father suggested I take different supplements through time, and I have found that Saffron, Lithium Orotate , and Tryptophan are all helpful. That’s not to say that just taking these supplements stopped my repetitive thoughts; I still grappled with distracting myself in different ways and averting my thoughts whenever I realized I was thinking about anything that could trigger a panic attack.

Some tricks I learned for breaking negative thought cycles include:

  • Listening to relaxing music (nothing with a strong beat or loud solos. Think easy-listening and smooth jazz).
  • Switching my attention to one or more highly-distracting thoughts that I’ve discovered. Once thinking about these things, it’s hard to stop thinking about them!
    1. Manually controlling my eyelid blinking.
    2. Thinking about how my tongue doesn’t really fit comfortably in my mouth.
    3. Manually controlling my breathing.
  • Tai-Chi or walking around outside for a bit.

If you are having panic attacks, I hope something from my experiences might help you!

Darrell’s Story

From: Catherine

My name is Catherine and I am writing about something that happened to my husband, Darrell. Darrell became depressed, agitated and anxious as 2000 was winding down but the symptoms did not become obvious till January of 2001.

That month we flew from our home in Colorado Springs to California to attend the wedding of a friend. We stayed in Redwood City at my Godparent’s house for a night or so, and one night I awoke to what I thought was an earthquake, when in actuality, it was Darrell vibrating, and shaking in the bed. I thought perhaps he was having a seizure, but he was conscious, and was able to talk. His arms and legs were flopping around. I asked him what was going on and he said he did not know. Not long before this incident, his doctor gave him some Trazadone to help him sleep, so we suspected a reaction to that medication.

All this began when Darrell was 49. He had recently received his Master’s degree, but was unable to find employment in his chosen field. So there may have been a little distress over his employment situation and maybe a little mid-life crisis. But this problem was much bigger than these issues.

Over the ensuing months, it became apparent that Darrell was extremely depressed and anxious. He had suicidal thoughts and was extremely agitated. He consulted the family doctor, four different psychiatrists, a psychologist, a chiropractor, a nutritionist, an acupuncturist, a couple of Reverends, and a Syntonic Optometrist in Denver. He even checked himself into a psychiatric hospital called Cedar Springs in Colorado Springs for a weekend. At all times he was on four pharmaceutical drugs: an anti-depressant, an anti-psychotic, an anti-anxiety medication and a sleep med. The doctors rotated drugs in these various categories, trying to find something that worked. Darrell would get out of bed at 3 AM and would wander the streets, he was so anxious that sleep was difficult. He began to snore loudly when the drugs knocked him out. I eventually put a recorder on his chest and recorded about 15 minutes of his snoring. He was terribly embarrassed when I played it back for him. He underwent a sleep test and they prescribed a C-pap device to be worn at night.

He had diarrhea and was losing weight. He got so slim he was able to wear my slacks and we even had to buy new, smaller sized underwear for him. He had a colonoscopy to determine why he was having diarrhea, and all they said was he had a spastic colon.

Darrell’s body began to smell, and his bath towel emitted a stink I could smell from halfway up our staircase, his bathroom being at the head of the staircase.

The Syntonic Optometrist realized that Darrell only modestly improved with his therapy. He suggested we take Darrell to a Medical Intuitive in nearby Castlerock. When we got appointments with this intuitive, Linda Dean, the very first thing she said to me was “When was your husband poisoned?” When Darrell went in to her treatment room she said the same thing, “When were you poisoned?” Neither of us knew what she was talking about, but with Darrell, she followed the first question with another, “Did you ever work with chemicals?” To his affirmative reply, she said, that’s what’s causing your problem.

Darrell HAD worked with chemicals half a lifetime earlier, when he was about 24, during a summer job when he was in college. He worked with dry chemicals for a company whose name he has forgotten, in Illinois. For this work, he wore ordinary street clothing, and bagged up dry chemicals and stitched the bags closed. The workers had goggles, breathing masks and gloves, but no protective suits or respirators. At the end of the workday, they removed the goggles, gloves, masks and clothing, and got into hot showers to clean up. I imagine the hot water opened their pores and the dusty dry chemicals dissolved and washed down their bodies from their hair to their toes. Darrell recalls that after showering, the fellows would go out for drinks and laugh about the look of mascara on their eyelashes, since the chemicals piled up there, looking like makeup. Since this was only a summer job, this exposure could not have been for more than three months.

Once the medical intuitive brought this to our attention, we knew what we had to do. Darrell weaned off the medications. He did some Ionic Foot bath treatments. We were already eating 75-80% organically. We purchased a Far Infrared Sauna. Darrell used the sauna at 104° for 38 minutes daily for 60 days. During that time, he broke out in two distinct rashes. On his torso, he had red bumps, like the measles. On his arms he had “U” shaped, scaly rashes that all faced the same direction… open ends toward his hands. At the end of the two months of using the sauna, Darrell bottomed out and then rose up to a normal disposition within about a week. He is completely cured. That’s not to say that he doesn’t fret about personal problems, but he no longer has diarrhea, has gained plenty of weight back, no longer snores like a freight train, has resumed working, has good self-esteem, and by all appearances, is completely cured of his depression, anxiety, agitation and suicidal ideation. We gave the C-pap to a friend who needed this device.

My conclusion is that the toxins stored in Darrell’s body must have reached the threshold we commonly refer to as “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” Perhaps midlife body changes, or exposures to toxins, like the pharmaceuticals tipped a delicate balance and plunged him into the abyss. I surmise that few people consider that depression could be caused by toxicity, but in this case, detoxifying was a miraculous treatment that brought about a cure.

I hope this story is helpful to others. If anyone would like to contact me for support or clarification, please feel free to do so via the owners of this website.

Enlarged Prostate

From: Rich

My brother in law had an enlarged prostate which sadly required him to have a catheter inserted for 54 days because he could not urinate. He also had edema in his legs which required that he wear nylon pressure stockings. He was within days of having microwave treatment to reduce the size of his prostate. I had tried to tell him about the Life Extension Foundation before, but I think he was finally ready to try almost anything. He started taking natural prostate and venotone as I suggested with miraculous results. It wasn’t very long before his catheter was removed and he could urinate. He also saw a reduction in the swelling in his legs and does not need to wear the stocking anymore. He still has residual discoloration in his legs because they were so bad.

Something very interesting happened when he went to North Carolina on vacation. He ran out of the LEF natural prostate. He bought a substitute prostate formula from a local health food store. His symptoms began to return and by the time he got back to Florida he vowed to always keep an ample supply on hand so he would never run out again. I should add the anecdotal evidence that after going back to the LEF product his prostate problems went away again.

LEF has an article saying that their chemical analysis of other supplements have shown that some do not contain what the label says they contain. My brother in law’s experience would seem to be anecdotal evidence in support of that claim.

Cold Sores

From: Beth

I’ve had cold sores on and off for over thirty years. There are two remedies that have helped me. I take 2000 mg. of lysine as soon as I realize that I’m getting a cold sore and continue taking 1000 mg – 2000 mg three times a day until it is gone. Also, tea tree oil applied directly to the cold sore with a Q-tip 3times a day takes away the burning sensation and helps heal it faster. Anything I have ever put on a cold sore in the past would spread it. Between lysine and tea tree oil my cold sores don’t hurt, don’t spread, and heal much faster.


From: Blair

I was studying to be a concert pianist, but I had to change my goals because I developed tendinitis in my forearms. Even though I rested for several months, the pain wouldn’t go away. I majored in Computer Science instead of music, but I was still having trouble when I would type for long periods of time. My father suggested that I take a collagen complex and the results were almost immediate. I still can’t play piano as much as I want to, but I can use the computer for several hours a day without problem.

Achy Legs

From: Vicky

My best friends suggested that I try taking collagen complex to reduce wrinkles. I didn’t realize it at first, but when I stopped taking the collagen complex, my legs started aching during the night just as they had before until I started taking the collagen complex again.

Exercise Aches

From: Michael

My quads were getting very sore after spinning class and a good friend suggested that I start taking D-Ribose to help. Wow! It was amazing. I don’t seem to have any problems with aching legs after exercising.

From: Pablo

My landlord suggested that I start taking D-Ribose when we were talking about weight training. I used to be sore for one to two days after lifting weights, but now I hardly feel sore after lifting.


From: Rich

I would get mild indigestion quite frequently and got in the habit of carrying a roll of Tums or Rolaids around to alleviate the discomfort. While on an airplane I sat next to a man who grew aloe plants and we got to talking. He said, “there is research going on about the anti-cancer properties of aloe at MD Anderson”. I started drinking aloe vera juice from Sam’s Club because from what I read it sounded like it would be beneficial. I now drink 8 to 16 ounces a day and have noticed that I no longer have indigestion. On the few occasions I have stopped drinking it I notice that my indigestion seems to return.


From: Rich

One of my employees, Larry, was suffering from sever headaches. He went to the doctor and they did a series of tests including a CAT scan to check for a tumor. They finally diagnosed that he had blockages in his carotid arteries. The doctor surmised that smoking for many years had contributed to his problem, so Larry quit smoking. I had read an article in Science News which extolled the virtues of CLA. I showed it to Larry and he started taking CLA from The Life Extension Foundation in addition to stopping smoking. The anecdotal evidence is that the frequency and severity of his headaches have lessoned considerably. I would surmise that the CLA has removed or at least slowed the build up of plaque in his arteries which has allowed an increase in the blood flow to his brain, thus lessoning his symptoms. The Science News article also mentions that CLA helps reduce the propensity of fat cell to get fatter and may also has anti-cancer properties.


From: Rich

My two granddaughters came to visit. They are two and five years old. We had seen how “wound up” they were at home and knew that the five-year-old was on ADD medicine. So when they stayed with us for three weeks, we decided to eliminate processed sugar, food coloring, and caffeine from their diet. We think it helped to calm them down and so did their mom. As she said the day after we took them back, they had been calm in the morning and then she made a red velvet cake and let them eat it. Within fifteen minutes, they were “bouncing off the walls”. So I believe some kids that are taking ADD medicine might be able to stop taking it and would benefit from simply removing processed sugar, food coloring and caffeine from their diet.